??? January 2019

Someone pinch us, we still can’t quite believe it…

You may have seen Facebook posts, heard rumours or even been told by our team members, but allow us to officially announce possibly our most exciting news EVER. Over the past couple of months we’ve been secretly working on this project but now we’ve officially signed along the dotted line for our shiny new brand partnership with none other than the super-trendy clothing brand that really know how to party… JACK WILLS.

Let us set the scene on how this insanely exciting new project has come to fruition:

In early 2018, we were approached by Neil ???? , the Property Director for Jack Wills, who had been visiting their new store in Derby (around the corner from ours) and had been looking for somewhere nearby to go for a coffee. Knowing that his pal Howard had recently been working on a project up here, Neil got in touch with Howard for a recommendation of where to go. Lucky for us, Howard is one of the Co-Founders of turnerbates, who just so happen to be our architects and had recently finished working on the design of our Derby store.

On Howard’s suggestion, Neil decided he’d give BEAR Derby a go and… well, he must have thought we were doing something right as he contacted us shortly afterwards to see if we were interested in working together to put coffee & cocktail bars in some of their larger stores, starting with Soho! Eep!

Of course when any opportunity like this arises it’s difficult not to get carried away and just grab it with both hands, but the thing that has been our number 1 priority throughout this project is protecting our brand and making sure we can still make our spaces within Jack Wills stores still really feel like BEAR. We have been working really closely with the team at JW to ensure t

So, we’ll be opening in Soho, London as of ———. If you’re down that way, pop in and see us. :)