BEAR x The Dignity Project

8th March 2019

Behind every great woman is a young girl who was given a chance. On a day that celebrates the strength and empowerment of women all around the world, we encourage you to think about the different roots and origins of each of these incredible role models.

In order to develop in to powerful women, young girls must first be provided with education, basic resources and - in turn - opportunity. A study conducted by UNESCO* revealed that 1 in 10 girls in Africa miss school every month due to limited or no access to sanitary products, and little awareness of how to manage their period effectively. This is an inevitable part of life for every woman, yet there is still such a stigma and - particularly in poverty-stricken countries - a lack of awareness around female wellbeing and menstrual hygiene.

The Dignity Project is a program led by Staffordshire-based charity, One By One. The project sends groups of dedicated volunteers to visit communities in many Third-World nations to offer valuable biological training as well as educating young girls on the dangers of human trafficking and sexual abuse. The charity also distributes Dignity Bags to every girl who goes through the project which contain reusable sanitary products, underwear and information leaflets on their personal wellbeing and safety.


We are beyond proud and super excited to finally reveal our partnership with One By One on The Dignity Project (yay!). We are currently profiling a beautiful, unique single origin coffee roast from Kenya to retail in the UK and the USA, from which 100% of profits will be donated to aid the development and continued delivery of The Dignity Project. All the money that we raise will be used to create and improve resources given out in Dignity Bags, provide food and refreshments for the girls at each event, and ensure representatives from the local authorities are in attendance to support volunteers whilst the project is being delivered.

In many cases, the coffee we use in-store has been grown and picked by people within - or similar to - the communities that Dignity has reached. This only heightens the importance of us, as an entire industry, getting behind charities and projects like Dignity that focus on the wellbeing of these communities. Without these people, our industry wouldn’t exist.

So far, The Dignity Project has helped 8092 girls across four countries. With BEAR’s help, they will continue to develop the program overall and increase their reach. Dignity’s goal is to reach 20,000 girls before the end of 2020, expanding out of Africa and launching into Asia and South America too.

Our coffee will be available to purchase in early summer, keep an eye on for updates, yay!

It takes a village to raise a child, but it only takes a coffee to help them do so.

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