Our cocktails are as every bit as good as our coffee. You can enjoy a wide range of drinks mixed fresh at the bar, including our house porn star martini and espresso martini or something from our ‘in for a fiver’ range of seasonal favourites. The lower price point follows our commitment to being a responsible brand and therefore challenged our mixologists to think outside the box and focus on the aperitif flavours with a lower ABV (alcohol content).

Whilst we are talking drinks, you can choose from an elegant Peroni on tap or a craft pale ale from one of our partner breweries, always fresh and always welcome. Plus, your visit to BEAR would not be complete without sampling one of our many gins or single malt whiskies.

We also stock a wide range of standard and premium spirits, wines and champagnes – all available from 10am. BEAR is the alternative coffee house, kitchen & bar that everyone has been waiting for.



Fi and Alex are the ultimate cocktail-making duo. They lead the way in terms of our bar menus, working with Terran (our Head of Food - click here > to read more about him) to develop our yummy drinks ranges.

Both of them are always experimenting with new things, infusing gin and trying out different recipes for us to taste (...we love it when that happens).

If there's something exciting you want to see us try, pop in to Derby and let these guys know. They'll always find a way, and it will always be delicious.

Cocktail line drawings